Flag Fundraisers of Texas

Flag Fundraising in Texas! Celebrate our country and support your local community by displaying an American Flag in your yard every patriotic holiday! At Flag Fundraisers of Texas, our goal is to bring communities together through patriotism while supporting local education, youth, and community organizations. For just $50 per year, we’ll place an American Flag in your front yard 7 times a year to celebrate major patriotic holidays. A portion of all proceeds go to local youth, education, and other non-profit programs.

Your flag will fly on the following 7 patriotic holidays: Memorial Day
Flag Day
Independence Day (July 4th)
Labor Day
Patriot Day (9/11)
Veteran’s Day
President’s Day

Your flag subscription will cover the next 7 patriotic holidays following your subscription (a full 12 months of holidays) and renewal billing will occur at approximately the same time each year.


Subscriptions received after August 27th will begin service on Veterans Day

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For just $50 per year you can support your community and celebrate all 7 patriotic holidays!

We display flags 4 to 7 days before flag holidays and remove them shortly thereafter. Please note that we will leave flags out from Labor Day until after Patriot Day (9/11).

Your flag subscription will cover the next 7 patriotic holidays following your subscription (a full 12 months of holidays) and renewal billing will occur at approximately the same time each year.

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About Us

We are passionate about supporting our local communities!

Flag Fundraisers of Texas began as a way to help local youth, educational and community organizations raise money in a new and unique way. Our partner groups sell flag subscriptions in their communities and place American flags in their subscribers yards during patriotic holidays. This is a fundraiser that organizations and neighborhoods can be proud of and will enjoy throughout the year.

Make the most ofyour holiday with Flag Fundraisers of Texas


How can I get my entire street or neighborhood to participate in this program?

We do not solicit, but we’d love to share our service on your community’s social media pages. Feel free to send your neighbors to our website!

We’d also be happy to work with your HOA or Rotary Club to decorate esplanades and community areas.

Can I choose where the flag will be set up?

We set up all flags at a preset distance from the curb to match other flags in your community. Please make a note on your subscription form and we will do our best to accommodate any special requests.

How will the flag be installed?

We will place a small plastic sleeve in your yard that will sit below ground level and is safe for lawn mowers and other yard equipment. We mark those areas with a small star on the curb in front of the sleeve. In certain areas, we may install temporary rebar while the flag is flying.

Is the flag service pro-rated for the year?

Your subscription will run for a full 12 months and will auto-renew at the same time each year, so there is no pro-rating necessary.

What happens if I move?

Click the "Contact Us" link to tell us that you have moved.

Unfortunately we can only place flags in our subscription areas. Since our services are a fundraiser, we aren’t able to offer refunds, but we’d be happy to move your flag installation to a neighbor, friend, or other community member (with their permission of course!).

What happens if I have a missing or damaged flag?

Click the "Report a Problem" link to report any issues with your flag, and we will address them ASAP.

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Start a Fundraiser

Are you interested in starting a fun and patriotic fundraiser for your school, community, youth or other non-profit organization? Flag Fundraisers of Texas offers an effective and highly profitable fundraising opportunity that allows your organization to raise money while being a part of helping build your community. We will work closely with your group to maximize your fundraising results.

Our fundraisers are great for:

  • School bands and other school programs (choir, theater, cheer, drill teams, etc.)
  • School clubs and extracurricular activities
  • Youth sports groups
  • PTOs
  • Neighborhood Rotary Clubs
  • HOAs
  • And more!
  • Click on the "Contact Us" link and we will contact you with more information on how to get started!